Design Exchange Boston

DxB is a 2-day design and innovation conference, dedicated to celebrating the impact of design. The DxB experience explores the ideas, work and strategies currently shaping our culture. 



To take the conference into its second year, we rebuilt the DxB website, created a look and feel to accompany the new theme (#startexperimenting) and re-activated its social channels.

  • Design Team Management

  • Content Strategy (Web & Social) 

  • Website functional requirements and content maps

  • Promotional scheduling and rollout


Who’s speaking next?

For two days, attendees needed to know which rooms workshops would take place in, what time their favorite speaker would be on stage, when to come back from lunch, and which amazing organizations collaborated to make it all possible.

A unique layout and information architecture captured this information within a 4x6 inch booklet that slipped right into the lanyards attendees wore around their necks.

PDFs - the first touchpoint

For many important participants, like speakers and sponsors, the first point of entry to the DxB 2014 brand was a PDF attachment within an email. To make this touchpoint as engaging as possible, while delivering key pieces of information, we carefully balanced flare and facts. 

Symbols with meaning

The icon system grew out of the geometric pattern created to communicate the conference theme. These elements played the role of helping attendees easily understand what was happening around them by supplementing the program guide and environmental signage with engaging visuals

Volunteer recognition

Over 30 people helped produce the DxB conference. The event staff, many of whom were stationed on the frontlines to answer questions and direct guests, embodied all the physical and aspirational elements of the DxB brand. 

The bold branding of DxB 2014 made sure these volunteers received the recognition they deserved. 



Benjamin Shown, Art Director
Alex Hanson, Designer
Julie Ostrow, Designer
Emily Hamre, Designer