Say Something

The Say Something Poster Project is a poster design competition and gallery show created to generate and distribute positive message posters directed at teenage youth.



To launch the 2nd season of the poster design competition, The Say Something Poster Project, we conceived the theme and associated touchpoints that energized design activists and showed them where to channel their creative energy. 

  • Design Strategy

  • Collateral Production

  • Event Production


Supporting documents

Our sponsorship package helped recruit the support of VitaminWater (corporate sponsor), The Boys and Girls Club (non-profit beneficiary), and numerous design organizations. Without this carefully crafted tool to communicate Say Something’s mission and objectives, this campaign would not have been nearly as successful.

Instructions worth following

We created a Call for Entries document to guide participants through the submissions process. By outlining instructions, and inserting visual cues we received over 200 submissions, with less than 10 questions related to the submissions process or timeline

The Poster Show

The final leg of the poster competition is a gallery exhibit and party featuring the posters from the 25 finalists. During the event we facilitated a live voting process to select 10 winners. 

A sign you’ve arrived

The centerpiece of the show, which also doubled as a beacon for locating the event, was a 5’x5’ sign mounted to the gallery ceiling. Everyone in attendance including competition finalists, sponsors, and the non-profit partner all had the distinct feeling they were part of something special. 



Benjamin Shown, Art Director
Alex Hanson, Designer
Julie Ostrow, Designer
Emily Hamre, Designer