30+ Reasons Why I Love My Work


1. Learning new ways to help people work together

4. Working for a supportive and empowering boss or clients

7. Helping teams develop new skills and techniques to achieve their goals

10. Experimenting on mini‐projects (or side-projects) to explore new interests

13. Being able to positively affect people’s lives in real time

16. Building a personal brand built on trust, teamwork and getting shit done

Being unrestricted to a single physical location.

19. Finishing what I start

22. Constantly meeting new people.

25. Being a source of knowledge and inspiration to an engaged community.

28. Exploring new gadgets, toys, software, etc.

31. Working with my hands to build and make things.

34. Developing leaders and helping others grow.


2. Using my work to bring delight to real people

5. Being able to see projects through from start to finish

8. Contributing to the idea generation process

11. Working with optimistic, imaginative, determined, change-makers

14. Being a trusted advisor on the inside of new projects, plans and initiatives

17. Engaging the public in creative ways

20. Learning new ways to communicate ideas.

23. Being a public speaker.

26. Being a team leader.

29. Having functional design skills that I can use to express myself.

32. Having a flexible work schedule free of the “clock‐in, clock‐out” mentality.

35. Building personal leadership skills.


3. Doing something different almost everyday

6. Collaborating with small groups or teams

9. Having a flexible work environment free to any physical location

12. Working on a wide range of projects

15. Bringing people together from (typically) unrelated fields and disciplines to collaborate

18. Working with creative professionals and being part of the creative process

21.Helping teams break down big problems into incremental goals and action plans


27. Being able to dress nicely for work and using fashion as a form of self expression.

33. Working with other leaders and accomplished professionals.